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Tax Repair Experts Provide Representation with IRS Collection Issues & Examinations (Audits)

Tax Repair Experts’ staff includes an Ex-IRS audit manager and a revenue officer with over 70 years of combined experience dealing directly with IRS policies and procedures.

Our firm provides the best possible representation before IRS and local state taxing authorities.  For example, if you hire a Tax Repair Experts’ consultant to represent you with your problem, in virtually every case, you never have to meet with the auditor or revenue officer personally - our consultants present your case before the IRS.  Further, IRS policies and procedures are a very vital part of the audit or collection process. Our consultants are former IRS employees, have accumulated a vast amount of experience working with these procedures and thereby possess the knowledge essential to ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits allowable.

Tax Repair Experts currently have offices located in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina available to assist you with your tax audit or collection problems.

Call us at 1-866-406-5278.